About the Campaign

#supporttheaffair is fundraising campaign that aims to gather resources needed for the operations of A Weekend Affair. As an independent initiative, A Weekend Affair is also, in some ways, a purposeful deviation from practised methods of finding funding in the arts, and an exercise in self-organisation. We fully acknowledge that what we are trying to do here is ambitious to say the least, and is an undertaking that requires the activation of an entire network of accomplices, alliances, and affinities.

Our budget adjustment estimates an amount of between S$5,000-S$5,500 as the total operational cost. Hence, the fundraising will continue through The Weekend on June 1-2, 2019. We humbly ask for you to take a leap of faith with us, and lend your support.

So, don’t be shy — grab a Raffle, not Raffles on your way out, here!


Post-Affair update: after the deduction of fees, we raised S$2672.74 through Indiegogo. As the crowdfunding only officially stopped before the first draw of Raffle, not Raffles! Lottery on June 01, the total raised through #supporttheaffair campaign is S$5217.60. At the end, our total expenditure puts us nearly at S$6,000 — a breakdown will be provided once it’s ready.

Raffle, not Raffles! Art Lottery

Artworks donated by Kent Chan; Mike HJ Chang; Heman Chong; Weixin Quek Chong; Fyerool Darma; Hilmi Johandi; Zarina Muhammad; Khairullah Rahim; Shubigi Rao; S. Chandrasekaran; Jeremy Sharma; Susie Wong; Chris Yeo; and Zulkhairi Zulkiflee.

Perhaps our most thematically-driven perk, Raffle, not Raffles is an art lottery conceived together with the help of our friend and artist Mike HJ Chang. The number of artists is expected to grow to a final list of 15 artists-artworks for the pool.

At high odds of 1/10, a total of 150 tickets are available, and each Raffle, not Raffles ticket comes with a complimentary #supporttheaffair stickers. The lots will be drawn during the gathering on June 1-2, where you either go home with an artwork or we ship it to you — if you got lucky! Naturally, the more tickets you have, the higher your chances!

 Click here to view the full list of artworks you stand to win through the lottery.

The Hibiscus: Spa and Wellness

Spa-performance by Divaagar

Tired of going through the motions of urban living? Treat yourselves at The Hibiscus: Spa and Wellness!

Conceived through the secrets of the rainforests of Southeast Asia, The Hibiscus offers the ultimate pampering experience featuring holistic treatments for complete physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Sit back and relax as our therapists welcome you with a soothing foot bath and massage. Leave the cares of the world behind as you enjoy a cup of our specially concocted jamu, enjoyed best paired with a unique floral facial!

Come, indulge yourselves.

Conceived by the artist Divaagar, beyond performing the functions of an orientalised/exoticised spa, The Hibiscus: Spa and Wellness aims to provide services of care and decolonial relief from one’s body and mind by serving ayurvedic varieties of jamu, ancient traditional skincare treatments and foot reflexology services, that relieves you of what ails you in modern Singapore. Treatments start from a donation of $26 and above.

“Unfaithful to the System” Publication

Edited by Farhan Idris

This mini-publication stands alongside the thematics of A Weekend Affair, as a focused platform to unpack the ‘5Cs’ we are primarily concerned with: the complex contemporary condition of capitalism and colonialism. While The Weekend itself will serve as a space of experimentation, of exploration of the ways in which one can begin to disentangle from the 5Cs through artistic practice more directly concerned with the Singapore context, this publication is a space dedicated to the excavation of how we — that is to say, a global we — came to arrive at this shared contemporary moment of complicity and anxiety under the machinations of global capitalism. Aimed to be released by end of 2019, it will also stand as a record of the ways in which A Weekend Affair has progressed and evolved, through the networks of accomplices, alliances, and affinities that it manages to activate. The publication is planned as an anthology of 8-12 pieces of writing including an interview and a conversation, with/from a diverse group of practitioners.

“Support The Affair” stickers

Designed by Pixie Tan

As you can probably tell by now, we are the sticky sort — so of course, our crowdfunding campaign comes with stickers. Designed by our amazing accomplice Pixie Tan, the stickers are our most economically-friendly perk, and also come complimentarily with the purchase of every ticket for the Raffle, not Raffles! Art Lottery.