Part symposium, part art festival, A Weekend Affair is set to occur over a weekend in June 2019, marking the 200th year of Singapore’s marriage to her colonial legacies, which manifest in myriad ways: from the pristinely-kept barracks turned art gallery clusters, to socio-militarized policymaking and the “Raffles-Singapore” brand. Taking on the theme of ‘an affair’, what we seek is a deviation from this union through, on one hand, a reinvestigation of our sociopolitical history, and on the other, a regeneration of theory on how we might (re)negotiate our relationship with coloniality — away from the infamous “divide and rule” — and into a shared future.

Before we begin to consider a shared future, however, we must first consider our past and present. It is then vital to recognize the need to go beyond the historical relationship with coloniality; to see that the problem of the present necessiates an unravelling of the threads of relation that weave together the complex contemporary condition of capitalism, characterized by exhaustions, depression, alienation, and the sense of perpetual crises and precariousness. The question is then one of departure: how do we begin to disentangle from a relationship 200 years in the making, and how do we forge a new relationship through a different form of currency or exchange? How do we care for one another in this condition? If an uprising is unimaginable, how does one be covert?

Outline of The Weekend

Meant to be more than just an intimate gathering of peoples and communities, and drawing from the signature events of art and academia — the festival and the symposium — A Weekend Affair aims to bring about a sharing of knowledge through theory and different forms of (art) practice, and turning ideas into reality through practice. As mentioned, the ‘presentations’ — each lasting no more than 30 mins — will happen over a weekend in June 2019, at a chalet located at the historically loaded Changi-Loyang part of Singapore.

Aside from the programme line-up that will come out of proposals received from the open call, we are also planning for parallel collateral projects with long-term collaborators of The Affair that will happen concurrently during the weekend itself. There will be time for lunches and breaks in between;  discussion sessions will happen at the end, after dinner time on both days. 

Application Information

The infidelity also extends beyond the sociopolitical frame, in that A Weekend Affair purposefully invites ideas that are unfaithful to any one discipline; we are reaching out to practitioners across various disciplinary spectrums — academics, artists, writers, philosophers, designers, comedians, cooks, performers, etc. — to submit proposals reacting to the theme and concept of the affair. Proposals could take the form of a cooking workshop, performance art piece, film screening, powerpoint presentation, dramatic reading, stand-up comedy act, and so forth. The following are the required documents for a submission:

            1. CV and/or bio (1 page max.)
            2. An (artistic) intent stating your work/practice/philosophy (1 page max.)
            3. A presentation proposal that includes a title, summary, duration, and other presentation details (2 page max.)
            4. Up to 5 supporting image(s). For sound/video based works, please provide a link in your proposal.

Your application, including image(s), should be compiled and submitted in one PDF file (10 pages max, but no pressure to reach this number!) in the order above, and sent to us via email with the subject “Submission to Weekend Affair by [insert your name]” to by 15 December 2018. To further aid in your understanding of the concepts underpinning A Weekend Affair, we encourage all applicants to consider reading our concept brief, and #aweekendmonthly, our monthly shareable readings on Facebook, Instagram, that are accessible via Google Drive.  If you have other queries, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email.


A Weekend Affair works within strict principles and grounds with regards to its conceptual framework, non-white cube format, and agenda. Committing to the hope of a genuinely shared future — one against popular narratives and nationalist strategies — we remain steadfast in our commitment to The Affair as a bottom-up initiative. To fund our operations, our crowdfunding campaign #supporttheaffair, will commence on 1 January 2019, and run for 90 days, until 31 March  2019. Bearing the above in mind, we encourage all presenters, to the best of their ability, to seek their own funding(s) if selected, but will provide a modest honorarium to all selected participants. However, in the spirit of communality support, we would greatly appreciate if you’d choose to opt out of a payment/for a work-for-work scheme with us.

For presenters who work outside of Singapore, we will also provide up to 4 nights of (shared) accomodation at the chalet venue, and S$150 or 60% (whichever is lower) of your return travels.

Please note that our deadline has been extended until 31 December 2018 — keep the ideas coming!