Disentangling and deviating from the Complex Contemporary Condition of Capitalism and Coloniality, A Weekend Affair is an intimate gathering in the form of an art—symposium festival, happening 1-2 June 2019.


Time Binds, or , Erotohistoriography,” by Elizabeth Freeman, Queer and Now,” in Tendencies by Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick &
Sexing Up Singapore” by Kenneth Paul Tan

March with Kin Chui Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to Third World Women Writers” by Gloria Anzaldúa, Bamako” by Abderrahmane Sissako
S/T” by Sial

April (coming soon)

About the Campaign

#supporttheaffair is the crowdfunding campaign that will help to fund the operations behind A Weekend Affair. As an independent initiative, A Weekend Affair is also, in some ways, a purposeful deviation from practised methods of finding funding in the arts, and an exercise in self-organisation.  We fully acknowledge that what we are trying to do here is ambitious to say the least, and is an undertaking that requires the activation of an entire network of accomplices, alliances, and affinities. Through this Indiegogo campaign, we humbly ask for you to take a leap of faith with us, and lend your support that will eventually unfold in a weekend on 1-2 June 2019.



Raffle, not Raffles! Art Lottery
S$48 each ticket

Perhaps our most thematically-driven perk, Raffle, not Raffles is an art lottery conceived together with the help of our friend and artist Mike HJ Chang. The artists who have generously donated to the pool of works for the lottery include: Kent Chan; Mike HJ Chang; Heman Chong; Weixin Quek Chong; Fyerool Darma; Hilmi Johandi; Zarina Muhammad; Khairullah Rahim; S. Chandrasekaran; Jeremy Sharma; Susie Wong; Chris Yeo; and Zulkhairi Zulkiflee. This list is expected to grow to a final list of 20 artists/artworks for the pool.

Each Raffle, not Raffles ticket comes with a complimentary A Weekend Affair stickers and  lots will be drawn during the Weekend gathering in June, where you either go home with an artwork or we ship it to you! A total of up to 200 tickets will be available from next week, and naturally, the more tickets you have, the higher your chances ;)

To view the full list of artworks you stand to win through the lottery, please click here

The Hibiscus: Spa and Wellness
Performance/spa by Divaagar
S$26 onwards

Tired of going through the motions of urban living? Treat yourselves at The Hibiscus: Spa and Wellness!

Conceived through the secrets of the rainforests of Southeast Asia, The Hibiscus offers the ultimate pampering experience featuring holistic treatments for complete physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Sit back and relax as our therapists welcome you with a soothing foot bath and massage. Leave the cares of the world behind as you enjoy a cup of our specially concocted jamu, enjoyed best paired with a unique floral facial!

Come, indulge yourselves.

Conceived by the artist Divaagar, beyond performing the functions of an orientalised/exoticised spa, The Hibiscus: Spa and Wellness aims to provide services of care and decolonial relief from one’s body and mind by serving ayurvedic varieties of jamu, ancient traditional skincare treatments and foot reflexology services, that relieves you of what ails you in modern Singapore. Treatments start from a donation of $26 and above.

Unfaithful to the System (working title)
S$28 per mini-publication

This mini-publication stands alongside the artistic programming of A Weekend Affair, as a focused platform to unpack the ‘5Cs’ we are primarily concerned with: the complex contemporary condition of capitalism and colonialism. While The Weekend itself will serve as a space of experimentation, of exploration of the ways in which one can begin to disentangle from the 5Cs through artistic practice more directly concerned with the Singapore context, this publication is a space dedicated to the excavation of how we — that is to say, a global we — came to arrive at this shared contemporary moment of complicity and anxiety under the machinations of global capitalism. As a post-affair publication, it will also stand as a record of the ways in which A Weekend Affair has progressed and evolved, and the networks of accomplices, alliances, and affinities that it manages to activate. The publication is planned as an anthology of 8-12 pieces of writing from a diverse group of practitioners.

A Weekend Affair stickers
Designed by Pixie Tan
S$12 for a sheet of 6

As you can probably tell by now, we are the sticky sort — so of course, our crowdfunding campaign comes with stickers. Designed by our amazing accomplice Pixie Tan, the stickers are our most economically-friendly perk, and also come complimentarily with the purchase of every ticket for the Raffle, not Raffles! Art Lottery.


For more information on our crowdfunding campaign, please visit our Indiegogo campaign page here.

About the Affair

A part symposium, part art festival — otherwise, a gathering — A Weekend Affair is set to occur over 29-30 June, 2019. The year marks the 200th year of Singapore’s marriage to her colonial legacies, which have manifested in myriad ways, from the pristinely-kept barracks turned art gallery clusters, to socio-militarized policymaking and the “Raffles-Singapore” brand. Taking on the theme of ‘an affair’, what we seek is a deviation from this union through, on one hand, a reinvestigation of our sociopolitical history, and on the other, a regeneration of theory on how we might (re)negotiate our relationship with coloniality&/capitalism  — away from the infamous “divide and rule” — and into a shared future. It is therefore vital to recognize the need to go beyond this relationship with coloniality; to see that it extends to unravel the threads of relation that weave the complex contemporary condition of capitalism, characterized by exhaustions, depression, alienation, and the sense of perpetual crises and precariousness. Hence, the question is then one of departure: how do we begin to disentangle from a relationship 200 years in the making, and how do we reinvent or forge a new relationship through a different form of currency or exchange? How do we care for one another in this condition? If an uprising is unimaginable, how does one be covert?

The Essence of the Affair

A Weekend Affair is informed and broadly framed by five key texts/concepts: Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle; Walter Mignolo’s Epistemic Disobedience and Decolonial Thoughts; Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism; Stefano Harney & Fred Moten’s The Undercommons; and lastly, Franco ‘bifo’ Berardi’s Futurability.

In an increasingly alienating climate of late-capitalism, we recognize that exhaustion is now part and parcel of everyday life. As we attempt to exit this spectacle — that flattens lives and social relations into an accumulation of images — we must be reminded of both Capitalist Realism and Futurability, that plots for plausible possibilities, and the adjustment of alternative ambitions into the real/a reality that can be worked towards. This shared future — that is, the effort to disentangle — must, in the process, provide care and genuine modes of exchanges that can be practised outside the capitalist framework. As such, decolonization is therefore a logical step and process in understanding one’s position and perspective on power and knowledge — where they are situated — outside of the Westphalian order that demands the freedom of independent thoughts and need for a true departure from coloniality/colonial legacies and the neoliberal-capitalist regime.

A strategy to consider beyond the Affair lies in The Undercommons, where Fred Moten and Stefano Harney suggest that to achieve such ambitions, we must shift towards a conceptual position of fugitivity — to extract; to steal, even, from existing/dominant systems, resources and lessons to facilitate a fellowship in fugitivity. And to be fugitive, we must place ourselves in what Moten and Harney call “Bad Debt” — which is to say, we must willingly and purposefully break away from the morally-charged cycle of financial credit and debit; must attempt to forge new relationships through new currencies of giving and taking that run the balance sheet amok.

All in all, A Weekend Affair suggests lush intimacy, passion, and care, but at the same time, it is also covert, and perhaps (most importantly) fugitive and unregulated.

Supporting the Affair

What we are trying to do here might seem extremely ambitious, however, this affair would not be possible without the help and support of fans, friends, and the community. A Weekend Affair is prelaunching our Indiegogo campaign (coming very soon) to help y’all to understand what is needed monetarily in order for us to realize the Weekend in June 2019. The actual campaign will begin sometime in February — and through our perks (publication, care pack, and Raffle, not Raffles Art Lottery) — we are hoping to raise at least S$10,000. 

Of course, support can also come in non-monetary form, as we come closer to the Weekend, we would greatly appreciate it if you wish to help us out in some administrative and managerial tasks (if you wish to provide services such as design, editorial, etc., please do not hestiate to write to us directly)! For this, we wish to repay your help in kindness, and in exchange of future labor (from us). Meaning to say, we “owe you one” in the form of work-for-work exchange. In the same vein, as we are providing a small fee for all our presenters and writers who are contributing to the content/program of A Weekend Affair, (you are not obliged to, but) we would be happy if you’d choose to opt out of a payment/for a work-for-work scheme with us. Work-for-work would not only cultivate a non transactional form of exchange, it encourages healthy form grassroots collaboration that is vital for an arts community that is already extremely precarious, individualistic and subsumed into capitalism. 

Finally, we welome suggestions pertaining our #aweekendmonthly reading list, and help in securing our venue in Changi (if you already have a membership/wish to donate the S$300 membership fee for us). We sincerely hope that this gathering is more than a BBQ session, but a beginning of a community of friends/practitioners, that is willing to disentangle from the problematics, and engage at A Weekend Affair.

Please #supporttheaffair

The Weekend

The Weekend of June 2019 will consist of roughly a day-and-a-half program consisting of ideas submitted through our open call. On top of that, there will be a collateral show with a few participating artists/artist-groups running concurrently. As aforementioned, A Weekend Affair is essentially a gathering, a space to unwind; for (self-)care, love and intimacy. Come with friends; get soaked in (art) theory, get a massage, walk on the beach, read or, for the BBQ — that is up to you!

At the moment, the programme of the Weekend is dependent on the selected participants from the open call, which has been extended till 30 December, 2018. In the spirit of covertness, we urge that the venue in which A Weekend Affair will be held — that is in a beautiful colonial-styled venue in eastern Singapore — be a hush-hush thing. The confirmation of the chalet will come some time in March 2019, therefore, we ask for your patience as we work on it!